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Are you tired of the chaos? Have you been feeling lost in the busy everyday? Have you endured trauma? Do you suffer with anxiety? Do you wish you could find some peace and guidance? Then I invite you to come work with me!

As an empath, intuitive, and Reiki Master, I love to assist in helping and healing people and animals. Through these sessions many people have found guidance, healing, and answers they were seeking. Each session is very private and all information discussed is confidential. I have found the greatest fulfillment in using my gifts to help others with their healing and offering guidance along their journey.

Each session is customized to each client that I work with. Through a combination of intuitive messages, Reiki, crystals and sound healing, many people have found what they didn’t even know they were seeking. I started as a client for all of the services I offer – in fact I still am a client for many of them.

I started with Intuitive Readings, both as a client and as a practitioner. I began with using tarot cards to guide and assist in these readings. They allowed me to focus in on a specific area to assist my clients, and allowed me to start connecting to hear the messages needing to be conveyed. Messages come from many different sources. Some will come from your guides, teachers, or angels, and others may come from loved ones who have passed. Those sending the message will usually decide what you are ready to hear and what is requiring your attention before answering what feels pressing to you.

After my first Reiki session I knew that I needed to share this with as many people as I could. Reiki allowed me to release old thought patterns and understand my body in a whole new way. It was also incredibly relaxing. The benefits of Reiki are numerous and range from relaxation, healing, stress reduction, pain relief, and mental clarity to assisting the body in cleansing toxins, and improving sleep. Reiki does not replace medical treatment but is a wonderful compliment in assisting the body’s natural healing ability and lessening the side effects of medications. Quite often in a Reiki session you will receive messages about blocks that you have, how to recognize them, and how to start healing and working through those.

Reiki is also great for animals! Animals are naturally intuitive. How many times has your pet come to cuddle with you when you were sad or upset? You are seeing more and more emotional support animals and proof that animals in hospitals are helping patients keep a positive mindset and heal faster. These animals need care and love too, and a wonderful way to do that is through Reiki. Just as with people, Reiki can have the same benefits for animals. I have worked with animals large and small and seen beautiful results.

I am also offering a range of Classes! As a Reiki Master I now teach Reiki to others. I am scheduling Reiki Level I, Reiki Level II, Advanced Reiki, and Reiki Master courses. I am also offering Meditation courses (beginners and advanced) to assist people in learning how to meditate, learning about chakras and how to clean and clear them, right up to advanced Meditation of accessing your Akashic Records.

I have found the greatest fulfillment in using my gifts to help others with their healing and offering guidance along their journey. I approach my life and business with a holistic eye and guided by my heart and my “team”. I consider it a true honour to work with each person I encounter.

If you’re ready for change, growth, and a new outlook I invite you to book your session now!

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Reiki Sessions
$ 85.00 1 Hrs

Are you stressed? Is your body in pain? Do you suffer from chronic discomfort? Do you often have unexplained illness or pain? Are you ready to release trauma and emotional wounds you stored in your physical body?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique where the practitioner is attuned to and channels the Reiki energy through their body and into the client. This allows the body to be in a state of relaxation in which it can assist in healing on all levels, physical, mental, spiritual, emotional.

During a session you will lay fully clothed on a massage table as I work through your body. I also use crystals, essential oils, and singing bowls to assist in your session. These will all help to enhance the experience.

You may experience tingling sensation, raise or lowering of body temperature, or just a state of relation. Some clients have experienced thoughts or memories, smells, or even a feeling of being gently rocked or swaying.

You may speak or be silent during your session. After we will discuss any sensations you had during your session and any blocks that I may have encountered in your body.

Soul Sessions
$ 150.00 1 Hrs

Are you ready to explore what is stored in your physical body? Are you feeling blocked in your life or emotions? Are you looking for a place to start transformation or a tune up? This is for you!

A Soul Session is a combination of Reiki and a Guidance Reading. During the Reiki Session you are able to relax and open up. As I perform the session you may feel varied responses from tingling sensation to heat or cooling. I will be channeling guides along with the Reiki energy to deliver any messages or guidance for you. After the session we will discuss any sensations and messages that came through. We will ask the guidance from spirit to assist you with any clarification you may need.

In combining Reiki, intuitive guidance, and messages you will be in a much calmer, relaxed, and open mindset that will allow us to go into any deeper issues that may be causing blocks.

Gift of Guidance
$ 80.00 0.75 Hrs

Are you feeling lost? Lacking clarity in your life? Would love to hear from your guides? This is the session for you!

In this session I will use my gifts as a medium and claircognizant to connect with guides and deliver messages to assist you in finding your path, making decisions, and heal any old wounds which no longer serve you. I will also use oracle cards to assist in delivering messages and asking specific questions.

Did you just move into a “new to you” space? Does your home or work feel stale? Are you experiencing an unsettled feeling in your home or place of business? Has there been an unpleasant event at your home or work and you’re struggling to move past it? Are you ready for a new level to “spring cleaning” your space? Let me introduce you to smudging!!!

Smudging, saging, or clearing a space has been done for thousands of years. Many cultures of different ways of clearing spaces and people. I use sage often in my home and on myself.

To clear a home or business I will ask that you leave me in the space so that I may clear all energy. I will go through all rooms in the space while burning sage to remove or clear all energy which is not of love and light. After clearing I will infuse Reiki energy and essential oils to fill the spaces with love, light, and encourage joy and happiness.

Clients have found that they breath easier, sleep better, and in general are happier in their space. In businesses they have found their clientele may change for the better, their business flourishes, clients feel more comfortable, and staff are more relaxed, happy, and productive.

Did you know that everything we do, good and bad, leaves and energetic residue? This is why clearing spaces quarterly, after a traumatic event, or an energetically charged moment, may be helpful.

This length of this session will depend on the size and location. The investment starts at $60

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Reiki Sessions
$85.00 hr - 1 hrs
Soul Sessions
$150.00 hr - 1 hrs
Gift of Guidance
$80.00 hr - 0.75 hrs
Clean & Clear Sessions
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