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There is a gap in our medical system today….are you stuck in it, looking for answers as to why you feel the way you do?

This is the gap that I fill. Our medical system is excellent at acute care and saving lives, but when it comes to our most prominent health issues today – chronic illnesses, such as Type II Diabetes, Auto-Immune diseases, Heart Disease, Obesity, Alzheimer’s / Dementia and more, our current system is failing us. This is NOT the fault of the doctors, it’s just that the model of offering a life saving prescription drug doesn’t work for chronic illness.

Instead of masking symptoms with drugs to make you feel better, we need to get to the root cause of your illness, in order to truly heal.

This is the Functional Medicine approach to helping you heal, and the approach that I use in my work. I am not a medical doctor, I am an Integrative Health Practitioner and Coach.  I do not diagnose, heal or cure, BUT instead I look for the root cause.

I want to know are your trashcans overflowing?  I don’t mean the ones you put out on the street, I mean the ones inside your body, your liver and kidneys.   After a lifetime of eating and toxins getting into your body via your food, water ways, the air and lotions we put on our body etc, our liver and kidneys are bogged down, and can’t remove the toxins from our body as well as they should.  Over time this causes your toxic load to increase and signal your body to turn on disease. No one wants that, so I help you empty those trashcans, while using the science and data of functional medicine lab tests to “see” inside your body and discover your deficiencies. I work with you every step of the way as we remove the toxicities, boost your deficiencies and bring the body back into balance, so it can heal itself.

The body is designed to self heal, we just need to create an environment where it is healthy enough again to be able to do so. The goal is to get you to a place where your body is so healthy that it becomes “inhospitable” for diseases to take hold.

My business is 100% virtual and any labs you do are mailed directly to your home and you mail them back to the lab.  No need to make appointments and go to a clinic.  Very COVID friendly!

During this process, I will use my BRIGHT™ protocol to guide our journey together, which will likely also help you lose weight, increase energy, sleep better, conquer your digestive issues, or just improve overall well-being! This is where I look at ALL of you, in your healing journey.

Your entire lifestyle and health history matters! You didn’t just wake up feeling this way overnight, this has been building inside your body for years, and now we can undo this, by discovering the root cause, in order to start truly healing. BUT, it is a journey, and it won’t happen overnight, there is no magic pill! After all, if there was, you would have already found it! I do not offer15 minute appointments, instead I offer programs with hour long appointments so we can capture all the information we need to start our work together.   To learn more about what I offer during your healing journey,  click here.

My BRIGHT™ Protocol:

B – Body & Brain

R – Rest

I – Intake (food & liquid)

G – Gut Health (where all disease starts)

H – Heart – relationship to self & others, community

T – Time for self-care and to de-stress.

I start with 4 sessions with you, to learn more about these sessions, click here.

All my client sessions are done via Zoom, offering you the convenience of being comfortable at home during our sessions.

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