Maya Lee

Categories : Energy Healer
  • Intuitive Healer and Life Coach/Reiki Master
  • Life Coach, Rhodes Wellness College
  • Life Missions Coach, Way of the Heart
  •  Somatic Hatha Yoga & Kundalini Yoga Teacher
  • Certified Angel Card Reader
  • Performing Arts/Public Speaking Coach

I believe the healers own work, being a vessel, is a big part of which energies and vibrations are able to come through for healing. I work to align myself with sacred and divine energies of unconditional love, always working for the greater good of all, very mindfully and committedly.

I am clairaudient, clairvoyant and Clairsentient. I communicate with guides. I have studied transpersonal counselling for personal development, and am aware of family systems and ancestral patterning and programming. Sometimes we may do tap touching to release programming from fields, when detected that this is called for.

My degree is in film. I am a creative and have a very childlike openness, and warmth that allows spirit to use me very freely. Also which creates warm, loving relationships with my clients!

I have had my own very transformative and unique recovery journey, from multiple trauma – self healing PTSD and Life threatening Asthma to Asymptomatic.

I also have an array of meditations and breathwork exercises to share, which help ease anxiety and bring about peace, clarity, happiness and wellness.

I am an Intuitive Counselor and Life Coach , and work with clients in ways that fit individual needs. This can include Angel Card readings, energy healings, releasing and changing programming in clients fields together, working towards personal goals and dreams together.

This is a youtube video where I talk a little about myself and my work.

I also offer Life Coaching to develop psychic skills, intuition, and creative abilities and skills.

I teach children Intuitive Arts, Creative Arts, Healing Arts! I have a passion for work with children.

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3 reviews on “Maya Lee”

  1. blank Kelly Canniff says:

    Reiki Master

    Maya came highly recommended to me by a dear friend who was aware I was struggling with lack of energy, and physically debilitating ailments. I immediately felt a connection with Maya (how can you not she is just the kindest soul!), She traveled to my home, and took the time to connect in with me and create a safe space to share what was going on. The treatment was just what I needed, A lot of was cleared and I felt immediate shift in my energy and a renewed sense of peace. I recommend Maya to anyone who is feeling stuck or blocked. I feel so grateful to have her as part of my health and wellness team <3 Thanks Maya <3

  2. blank David Leitao says:

    Healer, Teacher

    Maya is a visionary, an artist and a healer with the grace of Mary. I often find her at the hub of a circle teaching creative mastery over life’s unruly forces I’ve witnessed Maya finding grace in chaos with all kinds of troubled professionals, artists and children in the thick of their struggles. She lightens the load by initiation into her company of higher purpose. I’m very grateful to Maya, I trust Maya with my life. Her gentle loving hands and her warm heart have been my mentor and my guide for a decade now. Maya selflessly brings her divine feminine love to the table. Maya has shared her secure tuition in healing, meditation and psychology with me by initiation into her company of higher purpose, as a participant and assistant in her workshops and sessions, and as a creative in artistic projects, as a writer and performer in music and film. Maya has shown me how to muster my own courage by the example of her own fearlessness. And she has taught me how to address stuck points in my body and mind with her gentle sensibilities in healing, meditation and psychology. I am awestruck by Maya’s other worldly insights and I am eternally grateful to her. She has literally transformed my life with her tender, loving kindness. I recommend Maya with all my heart.

    David Leitao,
    Transpersonal Therapist

  3. blank Cataya T Caven says:

    Energy Healer

    I’m so inspired to be able to write this testimonial today for Maya Lee ~ I have been on my healing path for nearly half my life and have worked with numerous healers and therapists of all kinds and forms during my healing process, which started well over 20 years ago ~ Maya by far stands out in the very top percentage of healers who are very overtly skilled at what they do ~ I can see, feel and experience her true mastery to her gifts and the art in which she executes these gifts, done with such mindfulness and precision to her art form ~ To really be on this path as a healer in whichever form it takes most people on this path, there is an understanding that there is a daily commitment and dedication where one shows up in their own personal life to advance and fine tune and adhere to the principles that bring forward the skills and gifts that come though this form of channeling healing form ~ Maya is dedicated to this work both within session and as a commitment in her daily life ~ There is a sharpening and skill set that no one can bring to a healer other than themselves, where there is a steadiness and skill to work with the psychic, clairvoyant, clairaudient, channeling realms and to see, shift and move out blockages once carries and to be able to work with the complexity of their natures and bring to light the reasons to why they served as a holding pattern ~ The ground hog day effect to why certain behaviours and patterns continue to play themselves out in one’s life becomes ready to be seen when working with Maya and she is so gentle and careful to the information she gives one at the end to the messages behind them ~ She allows her guides to give the messages in the right way and shape for delivery and moves herself gently aside to ensure that you receive exactly what you need to hear in your integration process after a session ~ The whole session feels angelic, kind, loving and one feels held so lovingly in the hands of Maya ~ I can’t recommend enough the value of working with Maya in transforming your life, an area of one’s life, to move though loss or grief, get to forgiveness in certain areas of one’s life ~ The sky is the limit to what she will be able to help you with ~ She really is a magical little being ~

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