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Sexuality is a powerful source of creativity, healing, and joy.

Healing your sexuality can bring about clarity and empowerment in all areas of life.  

Experiencing compassion and affirmation can wipe away years of shame and confusion.

We start exactly where you are, instead of trying to fit you into a program.

You are gently guided and supported, never pushed.

We create a container of safety, love and acceptance, so that you can let go,

relax into it, and follow your natural process.

Your body knows exactly what it needs.

This work is Experiential, and can be sweet and tender, playful, energized, or intense.

Emotional release is common.

There is room for you here – your fears, your dreams, your yearnings, and your fully alive,

fully feeling, outrageous, deep, wise, all of your self.

Though we will be guiding your experience and maintaining safe boundaries,

you must be responsible for your decisions at all times.

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Our services

Exploration, Discovery, Healing.

Where you feel stuck, we support you to get complete, and choose what is next.

Where you feel unsure, we will create the clarity needed to move forward. 

Where you feel scared, I am your ally, beside you as you move through your fear.

Where you feel Uninspired, we tap into your capacity for more.

Conversation, Body Work and Movement gets you connected to Your Self and Your Sexuality.

Individual session $200/2 hours + GST

6 month program $3600.00 + GST 

12 month program $7000.00 + GST

Group Play and Educational Events  

3 hours $1000.00

Personal Intensives

4 hours $500.00

Embrace Responsible, Generous, and Authentic Relationships.

You are supported to discover what this means for you.

To own what you want and need in relationships.

To take action on all of it from Responsible Self Love.

Individual session $200/2 hours + GST

6 month program $3600.00 + GST 

12 month program $7000.00 + GST

Couples 12 month program

$10 000.00 + GST

Group Educational and Play Events

3 hours $1000.00 + GST

Personal Intensives 

4 hours $500.00

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Sexuality and You - one to one coaching
Relationship Coaching - one to one and couples
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