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Jill Schmelke is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist at Nourish Me. Jill is a journalist turned health advocate, researcher and nutritionist. Her own family’s health concerns motivated her to look for answers outside traditional medical pathways. 
Her years of research increased her own family’s health and wellness. Now she empowers her clients by breaking down the vast and conflicting health information that is overwhelmingly available.  
She provides individualized, relatable and essential knowledge to her clients. With this they are able to build sustainable habits to increase their vitality and health. Jill specializes in helping clients with weight management and overall health by rebalancing nutrition to support their high-stress lifestyles. 

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Do you want to burn fat, increase your energy, stabilize your blood sugar and feel good?

My Keto Cleanse will help you do all that and more! The goal is to get your body burning fat for fuel. It’s a 15 day intro of how to eat Keto for your health!

Here’s the nitty gritty of what it includes:

  • The science and benefits of the Protocol

  • Personalized daily eating plan

  • Shopping guide

  • Shopping tips and key points

  • Supplement guide

  • Three week meal plan

  • Facebook group for questions, support and accountability

The cost is $250 plus tax (two for one if you do it with your partner!)

Pro tip: to jump start fat burning I use the Perfect Keto products. I’ve found them to be excellent for helping people kick start ketosis. Use code INSTAKETO15 for 15% off and buy here:
Do you want to feel healthy and lean after too much indulging? Decrease inflammation, increase your energy, clear your skin, stabilize your blood sugar and feel good?

My 15 day Health Reset will help you do all that and more!

It’s a supported liver cleanse and health reset. What does that mean?? It’s 15 days of no gluten, dairy, beef, alcohol, coffee, chocolate, refined sugars and other foods that hard for your liver to digest. It is NOT a juice or liquid-only cleanse though it does incorporate green juices daily. You get to eat food and plenty of it if you choose.

There are recommended supplements such as protein powder, enzymes and a few others that help you get the most out of the 15 day eating plan. Included is a meal plan that people use for ideas and inspiration.

The goals are to:

  • Stabilize blood sugar

  • Reset hormones

  • Banish bloat

  • Increase energy

  • Sleep better

  • Reduce brain fog

All by eating high quality fats, protein, complex carbs, vegetables and cleaning up your diet for 15 days.

My clients feel great when they’ve completed it and then have the knowledge and tools to help themselves going forward.

A private Facebook group which I moderate is set up so people can ask questions and get support as we go along. Get in touch for group dates this year or do it on your!

The cost is $250 plus tax (two for one if you do it with your partner!)
Got questions? Email me to set up a 15 minute phone call to ask about supplements, food and diets!
Meet me at the store and bring your questions!
We’ll do a 50 minute walk through of how to incorporate better options for yourself and your family.
Trying to go Paleo or Grain free? Need more real food makeovers of family favorites? A meal plan will make your life easier.
This package includes:

  • A seven day meal plan tailored to your family’s likes and dislikes

  • Recipes

  • Full shopping list

Makes a great present for a busy mom!
This includes an in-depth intake all about you. You will receive a completely individualized plan to help you achieve your personal health goals with diet, supplement, lifestyle recommendations, recipes and all the tools you need to succeed!

This package includes:

  • 50 minute preliminary consultation

  • A customized plan specific to your goals and/or health concerns including a meal plan, recipes and supplement suggestions

  • 50 minute consultation to review your plan and set you on your way

  • 50 minute session six to eight weeks into your program to review progress and make any changes

  • Unrestricted email access for three months and regular email check-ins

Sleeping poorly? No energy? Hair falling out? Brain fog? Irritable? Anxious? Chances are if you’re over 35 your hormones could use a reset. This plan will help you clear your liver and get your hormones functioning more efficiently.

This package includes:

  • 50 minute preliminary consultation

  • A customized diet plan and supplement recommendations

  • 50 minute in-person meeting to review your plan and get you on your way

  • 50 minute in-person meeting six to eight weeks in to your program to review progress and make any changes

  • Unrestricted email access for three months and regular email check-ins

Unlimited access for your nutrition, supplement and wellness questions for one year to help coach and guide you on your journey.
The Optimizer for Anti-aging and Prevention Hormones and many other health markers are grossly misunderstood and even feared by many health practitioners. Because of this, they are often overlooked and discredited as having an impact on your physical and mental well being. We know that our Hormones and other health markers play an integral role in our well being. But how and why? And more importantly, what can be done?

Nourish Me has partnered with Functional U to offer a personalized health program called The Optimizer.

Sign up for The Optimizer program and learn about your Hormones and other important health markers and why they may be impeding you from losing weight, causing anxiety, lack of sleep, hair loss, brain fog and endless other functions in the body.

This program helps people who are missing important pieces of their health puzzle and for those who want to optimize and practice preventative health and anti-aging.

It includes:

1) Education about your hormones

2) Requisition for blood tests

3) In-depth initial appointment with you to go over results and explain optimum versus “normal” ranges of blood test results

4) Which blood tests to routinely check for preventative and optimal health

5) Three appointments over a four month period to monitor your progress

6) Omega Testing for ratio of Omega 3:6 ratio in body

7) Detailed Nutritional Assessment and recommendations

8) Personalized written recommendations for supplements and hormones (and where and how to get!)

9) Unlimited email and phone access during this period for questions and support.

10) Your commitment Cost of The Optimizer is $1500 for a four month program to get you started on a preventative, anti-aging journey to health! Please contact to learn more!

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