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My journey of discovering who I am has been invaluable, as well as ongoing. Creating healthy boundaries and a steady rhythm to life has taken hard and consistent work.

I have gained insight and knowledge into what my body is telling me, what my toxic thought processes are, and how my emotions are often misleading. Over time I realized how deeply connected my mind, body, and emotions are. I believe growth is possible when all three have a voice and are heard.

This realization makes conversations that dig deeper, into what our minds, bodies, and emotions are telling us, so important. We need to get curious about how we spend our time, what thoughts we are having, and how we are feeling. Only then can we catch ourselves as we begin to feel stuck, panicked, or overwhelmed.

I believe that, by staying present, getting curious, and consistently showing up in our lives, we can all move forward well.

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Let's hear what you haven't been saying. Let's hear what you've been saying that hasn't been heard. Discover who you are and who you want to be.

Session Length: 50 minutes
Let's design your life. Create your life rhythm. Plan to be present right here, right now. Determine the steps needed in order to move forward, walk ahead, well.

Session Length: 1 hour

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