Faris Khalifeh

I coach introverts to embrace who they are and leverage their natural strengths
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Quiet Confidence Coach

Faris coaches introverts to embrace who they are and leverage their natural strengths.

He focuses on helping individuals uncover their authentic self to capitalize on their natural traits and thrive in their professional and personal life. His approach explores personality type, values, key strengths, and life purpose to create action plans that help achieve their goals.

Additionally, Faris teaches business, leadership, and personal development courses at various colleges, runs multiple mastermind groups, leadership roundtables and facilitates corporate training and seminars. He is a former Board of Director for the Vancouver International Coach Federation (ICF). He is also the founder of the Vancouver Quiet Leadership Community where he hosts monthly events to support quiet leaders and entrepreneurs.

Before becoming a coach, Faris was in the corporate world in marketing and business development roles serving different clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

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One-on-One Coaching
$ 165.00 1 Hrs
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$ 400.00

Introverts, I see you. I feel you. I hear you.


I’m an introvert and I get it.



Do you…



☑️ Get overwhelmed easily?


☑️ Feel drained by the end of the day?


☑️ Feel that your unique traits and strengths are not recognized?


☑️ Sense the need to act like an extrovert to get recognized?


☑️ Get steamrolled by gregarious and loud coworkers?


☑️ Find it hard to express your thoughts during meetings and in groups?



You are not alone. Most introverts feel this way before they fully understand what introversion is and before having the tools to navigate this extroverted world.



That is why I created an affordable and introvert-friendly program for you!



In this 4-week live online group program, you will work with me and a small intimate group of growth-minded introverts. Together, we will work through a series of exercises to help you understand your introversion better, embrace who you are and leverage your unique natural strengths.





Quiet Confidence program will help you:


☑️ Understand your personality type


☑️ Attain strategies to navigate and find comfort in our noisy world


☑️ Gain your energy back and thrive


☑️ Learn how to embrace who you are and leverage your unique natural strengths


☑️ Be confident and show up authentically






What is included in this program:


☑️ Four live group sessions with me


☑️ Personality type assessment and debrief


☑️ Homework and exercises between sessions


☑️ Private online group forum for daily check-in, dialogue, and support


☑️ Tools to help you embrace who you are and leverage your unique natural strengths


☑️ Strategies to help you communicate better with different personality types


☑️ An intimate community of growth-minded introverts to support you and hold you accountable





Investment: $400 + tax


Duration: 4 weeks


Next start date: April 8th, 2020 at 6pm PST


Early bird special: $320 (ends on the 29th of March at midnight)


Number of participants: will close the registration at 10 people to keep it small and intimate


To learn more visit: http://www.fariskhalifeh.com/quiet-confidence


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One-on-One Coaching
$165.00 hr - 1 hrs
Group Coaching
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