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Shamanic Breathwork

July 15, 2020 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


This 2.5 hour Shamanic breath workshop will take you into dreamtime through the power of conscious connected breath!


ALL participants must contact me directly by either phone or email to register. The list below does not exclude you from Breathwork but it is in everyones best interest to consider safety first.

Possible reasons breathwork may not be a right for for you:

Mental health disorder/ Mental emotional challenges and on medications
High Blood Pressure or/and on medications
Asmtha/ lung issues
Infectious Disease
Cardio Vascular problems

We will briefly discuss the belief system and how we carry our experiences in our body and DNA. We will have plenty of time for sharing as well.  As you connect into your breathe and body, you begin to have a somatic unwinding. This then allows you to drop deep into your subconscious and your inner wisdom. By doing this you can have a profound experience. This may include an emotional release, clearing stagnant energetic blocks and tuning into your higher self. This practice opens doors for you to gain more insights and brings us back to our true nature.

Here is a list of how breath-work can help you:

– Dissolve mental and emotional blockages
– Physically release stress and tension in the body, leaving you feeling
– Maximize respiratory capacity
– Access and release repressed emotions
– Raise your vibrational field
– Tap into creativity, passion and get inspired
– Clear feelings of being stuck and gain more clarity and focus
– Heal trauma
– Connect with your spiritual self
-Go into a peaceful altered state
– Work through physical pain and other ailments
-Experience overwhelming feelings of love, joy, peace, gratitude and wholeness
– Access your inner wisdom and connect deeper to your intuition through accessing information from the Akash
– Feel more energy flowing consistently
– Settle your Nervous system and feel more grounded and relaxed
– Improvements to the quality of your skin
– Promotes healthy digestion
– Reduce oxidative stress
– Improve sleeping

This list is just some of the ways this modality can support your mind, body, heart and soul. Many people can also go into altered states and experience unconditional love and bliss. It is also common for one to have a deep remembrance of who they are beyond the limitations of our human identity.

This workshop are for individuals who are familiar with and connected into their emotions and able to take full responsibility for what arises. If you are asthmatic, have high blood pressure, mental health ailments, on medications or are pregnant this may not be for you. Please reach out directly if you have any concerns around your health before attending the workshop.


-Yoga mat
-Pillow for leg elevation and flat pillow for head
-Eye cover (this helps to shut out the external world)

NOTE* Please do not eat a heavy meal at least 2.5 hours prior to the session as it can cause discomfort when expanding your diaphragm. Also refrain from drinking coffee 8 hours prior to the session. Mild green tea is ok in moderation.


*****SPACE IS LIMITED TO 6******
Also included is a 20 minute call for those who wish to have some guidance in integration and processing insights and experiences from the session. This must be booked within a 10 day period after the breathwork session. by July 25.

******For registration contact:
luminousheart.info@gmail.com or call/text 604-771-7127

“One breathwork session is equivalent to about 2 years of psychotherapy”. Dr. Henry Rohberg Ph,D., Psychologist

I have been a Holistic Counsellor for 6 years. I have been practising breath work for 7 years. I chose to become a facilitator and guide for
breathwork because I was constantly met with awakenings and grand insights to what my purpose on this planet is. I have witnessed how life changing breath can be. As a therapist I have observed individuals in talk therapy often go in circles with no conclusion or relief from suffering. With the breathwork, you receive direct immediate shifts in the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. I truly believe that the breathe is the way to rise above and create a healthy relationship with ourselves so we may expand and integrate into our true souls calling.

If you are here reading this, I believe it is no mistake. A calling within you is aware and ready to have a transformation. As your facilitator I feel deeply honoured to hold space for your metamorphosis!

Location is along Hastings next to Anytime Fitness. Gate may be locked and I will come to open it. Please arrive at 6:45pm. No late entries for this event. We start on time.


July 15, 2020
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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