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Why You Should Do Breath Work Now

If you haven’t heard, breathwork is making its way to the mainstream world of wellness and going head-to-head with household-named practices like yoga and meditation.   But wait, what’s the […]


Getting started on your Self Care Plan

When you hear the term self-care, what comes to your mind? Perhaps you’re familiar with what it means, maybe you’re struggling to find moments of self-care of your life, or maybe you think only certain people can benefit from it. I’m here to tell you anyone can benefit from taking care of themselves. The biggest challenge is finding the time and taking action.


How to Declutter your Mind to Stop Worrying!

Declutter your brain with these simple proven methods. From this video, you will learn how to stop overthinking, stressing, and worrying and instead make room for more positive and productive thinking to calm your anxious mind.


My Search for Healing

My journey started at 16 years old. I was raised in a culture where people did not speak of any pain unless it was physical. My parents did not talk […]

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